About Us


The Morning Star School Ltd. is a private educational institution with a cherished history and culture firmly rooted in the passionate promotion of the Education Industry in general and specifically Quality Education.  Established in 1965 by a celebrated leader and visionary, Mrs. Esme Praah Siriboe, the school has played a key role in defining a constructive pedagogical framework to stimulate creativity for optimal learning, personal and professional growth and development of the Management, Staff and pupils, for five decades.  The Morning Star School endorses and promotes Christian Education.  It is a community of learning and service and caters for formal learning experiences from Early Childhood to High School while utilising both the local and international curricula.  The promotion of outstanding and award winning academic achievement, professional staff development, Christian education, holistic learning, rigorous academic programmes, diverse co-curricular activities, parent support interventions, multicultural education, special needs education, career education and entrepreneurial skills training, as well as a wide outreach for community service, has been her fame to date.  The Morning Star School has been ushered into a period that affords hundreds of people, both old and young alike, a rare chance to reflect on the precious moments of challenges and achievements this half century has chronicled.  The necessary strategies for working competently in support of continuous school improvement beyond this era, remains a priority for The Morning Star School to attain her desired goals and objectives.



Mission and Vision

Our Mission:To promote optimal learning to enable our pupils and staff, seek and use knowledge for personal growth and development, and service to mankind.Core Values:The school holds dear the values and principles of loyalty, honest, respect, hope, justice and courage. There is a high sense of commitment to setting and monitoring targets for the enrichment of educational experiences to consistently exceed national standards.Educational programmes for the hearing and sight impaired are also being explored with the hope that these could be offered in future.The Morning Star tradition that cherishes a cordial relationship among the management, parents, staff and pupils will be maintained and strengthened.Our Objectives:The School’s objectives are :

  • To ensure a wholesome standard of morality by inculcating in learners, christian principles as a basis for sound education and personal growth.
  • To develop the creative and problem solving ability of the individual.
  • To prepare learners by equipping them with the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes for effective living within the society and for making constructive changes in the society
  • To develop in learners and staff a sense of patriotism, national pride and internationalism for peaceful co-existence with fellow citizens and people of other nations.
  • To develop the whole child in several domains for optimal learning and to be of service to his or her community
  • To encourage and provide opportunities for continuous professional staff development to enhance effective teaching and learning and the delivery of relevant support services.